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Fostering Neurodiversity Awareness and Support in Businesses

Neurodiversity in Business


Many of my clients come to me in adulthood, having realised that they have ADHD, Autism or a combination of both (AuDHD). Aside from their personal journey of healing and growth, they face a mixed bag of experiences outside of the therapy room. As a society we can do more to raise awareness and understanding across marginalised areas.


Businesses play a vital role in re-shaping social norms. Leaders accelerate cultural change through the ripple effect of their leadership practice. Where businesses create sincere and intentional practices around inclusivity and accessibility, colleagues feel safe to reach out and seek support.


With many years in private practice and my combined experience in the corporate world and as an Executive Coach, I came to the realisation that I could accelerate my support for the Neurodiversity Movement by working more closely with businesses.


Neurodiversity in Business


Businesses thrive when their workforce thrives. Many people do not realise they are neurodivergent, but may have lived a life of mis-diagnosis and mental health issues. When we raise everyone’s awareness around neurodivergence and neurodiversity, we can more effectively support individuals in reaching their full potential. I support by tailoring neurodiversity awareness programmes and neurodivergent support sessions. My mission is to help those who are not neurodivergent understand what neurodiversity is all about, and to support those who are neurodivergent through topic discussions and workshops

With thousands of hours in private practice as a psychotherapist, I bring a wealth of experience to my coaching and support around ADHD, Autism, AuDHD and the wider co-occurring experiences of Neurodivergence. 

How Can I Help?

  • Tailored Neurodivergence Awareness Training
  • Lunch and Learns: covering many topics around Neurodivergence and Neurodiversity
  • Panel Discussions
  • 121 Psychotherapeutic Coaching

My Qualifications

  • BACP Registered Psychotherapist
  • Member of the BACP Coaching Division
  • 5000+ client hours
  • Insurance held for UK and overseas working (subject to country-specific legislation)
  • ICO registered
  • Lived experience as an ADHDer myself and as a parent within a neurodivergent family

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Online bookings are coming soon.

Online bookings are coming soon.