About Me

A Little Bit About Me


I came into counselling in my late thirties. In truth, I had always been interested in human behaviour and so it wasn’t a huge surprise to finally realise that my true niche lay in counselling and coaching. Here I could immerse myself more deeply in understanding how we think and why we behave as we do, both as individuals and communities.

Having gone through the Autistic diagnostic process with one of my children and with neurodivergence within the wider family, it surprisingly still took another decade before I began to realise my own ADHD/AuDHD.

Working with me means you won’t have to explain what it feels liked to have lived a masked life. Having feelings where the inside ‘you’ doesn’t quite feel like what is seen by the outside world.

I understand and I hear you.

Everyone deserves to live in their own authentic way and I would value the opportunity to support you in discovering yours.

How long does a therapy or coaching session last?

Sessions last 50 minutes.

When can I see you?

I work Monday to Thursday daytime and evenings.

I endeavour to meet clients for the first session within a week or two of our initial contact.

Where I cannot suport you in that timeframe, I will offer you the opportunity to join my waiting list.

Please contact me for details of my current availability.

How many sessions will I need?

The answer to that is unique to each client. I have worked in as little as one session and also have clients who have been with me for years.

As a general rule of thumb, I would consider 4-6 sessions to be a good starting point. This gives us time to understand the issues you are facing, and to start to experience the effect of change.

Long standing issues and past trauma can require longer term support.

Regardless, you are free to stop and re-start therapy at any time. I welcome the opportunity for us to explore your choices together in this regard and to support you in defining a therapeutic journey that works for you.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions cost £70

How much notice do you need to cancel an appointment?

Sometimes cancellation of a session is unavoidable; sickness, caring responsibilities, accidental double booking. Life happens and that’s ok.

However, all sessions that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to the full session fee. This policy is strictly applied regardless of the reason for cancellation. In exceptional circumstances, I reserve the right to waive this policy.

Where a session is cancelled, you will be offered the opportunity to re-book for the same week, subject to availability.

How do I pay for my session?

I accept payment by bank transfer prior to each session.

Payment by cash in the session is also possible if preferred.

What is your Covid policy?

All face to face sessions will take place keeping in mind the government’s current advice/guidelines at the time of the session

Whilst isolation is no longer a legal requirement, it is suggested good practice that if either of us test positive with Covid, our sessions revert to online or pause, until 5 days have passed.

Hand sanitiser will be available for your use in the room

The practice room is ventilated and sanitised in between sessions

There is a toilet available at the practice. This will be sanitised between sessions if it is used.

The room has an air purifier working in the background for the duration of all sessions. 

Online bookings are coming soon.

Online bookings are coming soon.