Specialised support for ADHD and Autism

What if those currently struggling under the façade of trying to be good enough, could be free to be their true selves without having to mask?

Neurodivergence – Different Not Less


History has often defined Autism and ADHD (and other neurodivergencies) as disordered. The predominantly neuro-typical world sets expectations for how we should behave and relate to the environment around us. But for many, that just doesn’t work

I often see clients who discover their ND uniqueness in later life. This was the case for me too. Learning to be our true selves can be an empowering experience but it can also be painful as we try to make sense of things. Lots of people have spent too many years pretending to be ok and trying to fit in with societal expectations that don’t suit.

I am a passionate supporter of difference; we are all so unique and messy and wonderfully good enough as we are.

Through counselling and coaching, I can work with you to explore your own ‘you’ and to find new ways of being that feel like the right fit.

How might it feel to be at peace with who you really are?

Understanding You


I offer a safe space where we can explore together. This is not a one size fits all approach. My training as a humanistic counsellor, CBT therapist and coach alongside my lived experience in a ND family, enable me to tailor my support you to your needs and goals.

To start, our work will involve me getting to know you and your history. There can be a ripple effect to personal therapy. As you gain new insights, other things may come to light that you may wish to explore.

Some weeks we may be working through something current, whilst other times we may be exploring your past.

Your journey, your choice of direction.

I will respect your choices and when you’re not sure, I can support you in finding your way.

A Little Bit About Me


I came into counselling in my late thirties. In truth, I had always been interested in human behaviour and so it wasn’t a huge surprise to finally realise that my true niche lay in counselling and coaching. Here I could immerse myself more deeply in understanding how we think and why we behave as we do, both as individuals and communities.

Having gone through the Autistic diagnostic process with one of my children and with neurodivergence within the wider family, it surprisingly still took another decade before I began to realise my own ADHD/AuDHD.

Working with me means you won’t have to explain what it feels liked to have lived a masked life. Having feelings where the inside ‘you’ doesn’t quite feel like what is seen by the outside world.

I understand and I hear you.

Everyone deserves to live in their own authentic way and I would value the opportunity to support you in discovering yours.

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